Weecos criterias

Weecos lifestyle

Weecos lifestyle

Weecos lifestyle is all about aiming towards better. We in Weecos are in a journey towards more sustainable lifestyle and we want you on this journey with us. Our goal is that all the products in Weecos are produced by respecting the environment, humans and animals.

Companies operating in Weecos are going to tell you about their operation and products as transparently as possible, so that you have a change to make better choices. Weecos lifestyle crystallizes into three words: care, consider and replace.

Sellers and service providers

Products and services


Sellers should be aware of the phases of their production and product lifecycle as thoroughly as possible.  In their action and production the companies aim to find the best possible operational model for the environment, humans and animals.

Overall environmental load from the product is caused by the product’s whole lifecycle from the design to the recycling. In the product design phase it has been taken into account what kind of need there is for the product. Hopefully the product or service replaces some more harmful product to the environment.

Weecos exists to offer a change to make better choices. The whole core of our activity begins from the idea to get the responsible companies more visible and together. Because of Weecos one step from the transportation is removed comparing to traditional online retail.

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