Story of Weecos

The first thought

The initial thought of Weecos was born at the end of the year 2011 when old friends Anna and Hanna noticed that there wasn’t any international online marketplace for ecological and ethical products even though there clearly was a need for one. You see Anna was looking for a place for Papu, her ecological childrens clothes collection, place where she could sell the products by herself. The thought refined to an idea and idea become to Weecos. 

On the move

Roots of the Weecos lies in Tampere where the idea has been boiling in a good company, in a local start up incubator with its crucial support. On the way the idea has been refined, grown, broken, fixed, clarified. The idea has lived but never buried. The team that complemented each others skills was united almost by itself. And when the company was founded during the summer 2012 people that would fullfill the dream where together. Now the team had vision and experience to plan and carry out the well working and good looking marketplace. The team was able to evaluate the companies and products from the ecological and ethical point of view. And of course the team had skills to get the people and companies to find Weecos and carry on to produce wonderful experiences and advantages.‬

Developing cooperation

When developing the service we are always thinking about the customers and companies first. We had a privilege to get to the development team six pilot companies from Pirkanmaa whose thoughts, comments and feedbacks were take into consideration as widely as possible. The belief from the external investor and interest from many experts towards Weecos gave us the needed preconditions to develop the professional service. We couldn't be more thankful to our partners. From the beginning Weecos has emphasized networking, cooperative work and joining forces. Without cooperation Weecos would not exist.

Entrepreneurs get interested

Before the launch thirty exquisite companies had joined to Weecos. Collection grows almost daily by quality products and personal companies. Weecos is open to all companies following the principles of the Weecos promise about the ecological and ethical procedures. This promise is ensured by sending a questionnaire, developed together with experts, to the companies. The questionnaire covers the companies’ procedures and how responsible is the production. You can find more information from the Weecos lifestyle.

Become A part of our story

Great milestone was reached after oneandahalf years of work when Weecos was launched during summer 2013. Huraa! However Weecos is not yet ready, not at all. We are now at the beginning and we want to develop the service together with sellers and customers so that Weecos is functional market and meeting place to everyone. Even in our best we can make only guesses about what is needed but our customers have the true need and knowledge of how Weecos should work. Follow our development and progress from the blog and service, and most of all: Join us!

- Anna and Hanna