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Privacy policy


This registration document is created according to the Finnish Henkilötietolaki (523/1999) 10§. Owner of the register is Weecos Ltd 2484719-3 and it is called Weecos Ltd’s customer register. Information is collected so that we can manage our customer relationships effortlessly and so that is pleasant to all parties. And also to makes sure that our online payments can be done via Checkout Finland online payment service. With the help of collected information we can ensure that service provides to its users versatile functions. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or our registration document you can contact

What information do we gather?

When you register as a customer we ask your first and last names, address and e-mail address. When you register as a shop in addition to the above mentioned information we ask from you the company name, business id and contact person’s phone number.

When you are using the service the system stores some of your actions to the database. From the shops we store all the information needed for maintaining and modifying the shop. These include for example adding the products, controlling the orders and communicating with Weecos and its customers. From the customers we store among other things the orders and order history, wishlists, product reviews and communication in our service.

Privacy Policy

We get the information from the registered users. Received information is not handed over to the parties outside the web service or outside the EU. Service provider can however hand over the the information to the public officers according to the effective legislation. In the case of re-organizing the company’s ownership we may hand over the information to the parties.

Service has a strict inbuild access control that prevents outsiders to get access to the users private information. Register is used only by persons whose job description it belongs to. Everyone who uses the register has own personal username and password. Users are binded by the professional secrecy. Register is not in paper format.

Service uses different social media components that enables users to transmit information to different social medias. We recommend you to get familiar with the Privacy Policies of these service providers.

Usage of Cookies

Weecos uses cookies to enhance the quality of the service. Browsing the pages without cookies might effect to the actions so that some of the actions can not be used (i.e. signing in and adding products to the shopping cart). Weecos uses first party cookies for signing in and shopping cart. Weecos also uses third party cookies i.e. Google Analytics.