Shop keeper wants to start a shop in Weecos to sell products that shop has made or produced. Shop keeper answers to the list of questions to ensure the quality of the products. Look at Weecos Lifestyle. Shop keeper builds the shop, lists the products and defines the prices and shipping.  





As a Customer, you can browse the product categories or shops. You can also use the Search Weecos field. Add products from different shops to your cart. We recommend registering but it is not necessary for shopping. Found an interesting product that you not sure if you want to buy yet? Add it to your wishlist. 
If you want to recommend products to others, you can add the products to your My Picks list and publish it to other users of Weecos.
Complete the order by paying the order with selected payment method. You receive the order confirmation to your e-mail. Notice the shop specific delivery destinations and times and costs. Shop keepers receive your order. They send their products to the address you have given in within the promised delivery times.



In case you have questions about the service, your orders or your account you can contact the Weecos customer service 

If you have questions about the product contact the shop keeper.

PAyment methods

Available payment methods depend on the country you are from. Here is the list of all the payment methods that are available for Finland. Online payment methods are provided by Checkout Finland Oy. payment methods

Buying the products

The customer creates the order by selecting the products to the shopping cart. Before creating the binding order, You can review the summary of the content of the cart. The summary contains the information of the sellers and products with shipping prices and delivery time estimations. 

After you have reviewed the content of your shopping cart, you can create binding order according to the instructions given in the service. Binding order is created when you send the order to Weecos and Weecos confirms it via e-mail and information in the service.

Seller delivers the products to you when Weecos has given written confirmation of the order, and you have paid the products according to the payment condition. The products are delivered to the address you have given or to the nearest post office. You can also pick up the product from the store if the seller has made it possible. You can choose this option in the shopping cart. If you want to pick up the product from the store, you should write the estimated pick up time to the message field provided in the shopping cart. If the product is delivered via letter, please notice that these deliveries can not be tracked. 

International customers are responsible for their country’s customs, taxes, duties and / or VAT fees.


You have a right to return the products within 14 days. If you want to exchange the product, please contact the Vendor. If you want to return your products do the following:

Fill in the return form here.

Fill in the form your order number and the information of the product you want to return. Fill in the seller's business ID, your contact information and account number for the possible payment return. Tell us why you want to return the product and would you like to have a compensatory product or the payment return.

The customer is responsible for the return's shipping fees.

After you have saved and sent the return form, you can send the product to the seller who has delivered it to you. Means of the return depends on whether the product was delivered to you as a package (Itella Economy), as a letter or whether you picked it up from the store.

In package returns, you can send the product in its original package. Use the return card that was in the package and include the dispatch note. Mark the product you are returning to the dispatch note.

Letter deliveries can not be tracked, and they do not have the return card in them. In this case, the seller compensates the shipping return within the product return. Inform the price of the shipping in the return form. Include the dispatch note to the letter returns as well. 

If you picked up the product from the store, you should return the product back to the store.

The seller compensates the product to your account once it is received. The product you are returning has to be unused and in its original packing. Remember to return all the parts of the product. When you return the whole order from one brand, you get a refund from the brand's original postage.

If you have bought the product with an invoice, you have to pay it, and the brand will compensate it to your account. The additional invoicing fee (2,95€) must be paid even when you return all the items on your order. The invoicing fee won't be compensated to your bank account. (Added 20.3.2018)

The user can not return products that have been customized based on customer's needs.