Apply for the shop or service


Apply for the shop or service

Terms of use for sellers

Apply for the shop or service


Do you have good quality products that you manufacture or produce ecologically and ethically, and want to start your own web shop? Contact us:


We send You a questionnaire to ensure that you fullfill the promise from Weecos Lifestyle. If the promise is met You receive registration information and can start to build your store.

Build your store

 When building your shop you add products and define prices and shipping, give an interview and tell about your philosophy. If you need support for building your shop contact

Why to join and what it costs?

  • Quick and easy - once your company is accepted in, Weecos provides a change to set up own web shop inside marketplace and to get visibility to the products and services.
  • Your products are in a good company - when you set up your store to Weecos customer knows that your products are quality and that they meet the Weecos criterias.
  • Together we are more - other responsible actors interest the same target group and bring new customers also to you.
  • Major effort in marketing - Weecos handles the centralised marketig and finds the customers to the service. We are active in social media and thanks to the wide collaborative network we gain good visibility.
  • Customer experience - we are constantly working on to get the best customer experience.
  • Getting international - our target is get international as soon as possible.
  • No risks - no solid monthly fees. We take 20% comission from every sale. The comission includes all costs and taxes expect the costs from possible returns from customers.

In exchange to the comission you get:

  • Own company profile and store space.
  • Add limitless amount of products.
  • Good tools to present products and your operation diversely (i.e. in addition to eight product images you can add videos and give an interview).
  • You can use the logistic agreement Weecos has negotiated with Itella. Agreement includes i.e. cheaper delivery costs and monthly invoicing.
  • Centralized online payment methods.

Want to join? Contact us: