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iluut - the wind of change - wants to be part of the positive change that will happen in the fashion world. Team iluut thinks that you have the right to know where your clothes are made. We share transparently where the fabric is weaved, washed, what is the origin of the fiber, who designed the garment etc. We have paid a lot of attention into showing the whole production chain. That's because we believe transparency helps to decrease the ethical problems seen in the cloth production.

iluut's clothes are made in Europe. The fabrics meet the highest quality and environmental standards and are made of natural and innovative fibers.

The team has put it's whole heart into this project. Elina Cerell works from Southern Finland, Vj Taganahan from London and Silvia Osella from Milan. We would become super happy if you would be part of our journey and we'd create an amazing change together, cloth by cloth!


What's a presale?

Presale supports the values of slow fashion as the core idea is to manufacture only the products ordered.