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Humbugi Accessories

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Humbugi Accessories
Tehdaskartanonkatu 28
Hiedanrannan Paja
33400 Tampere

Humbugi Asuste designs and makes accessories that are both long-lasting and pleasant to the eye. Our products are mainly made of recycled and reused leather, and we take care to know the origins of the materials we use. Many of our products even have an interesting story to them: the leather in a Humbugi bag might originally have been left over from an elevator renovation in a Moscow hotel, or it may have come from a shoe factory's stock of old sample leather.

Our women's collection combines the elegance of smooth shapes and intricate lace patterns with the durability of leather. In 2013 we introduced the first items in our men's collection.

Our selection grows and changes with the availability of suitable materials. This means that over the years a product's color and details can vary seasonally. From time to time new items are brought in to supplement our existing collections. A new material, for example, can inspire these additions.

Humbugi Accessories studio and showroom is located at Hiedanrannan Paja in Tampere. This is where all Humbugi products are made: from design and finding the right materials all the way to putting on the finishing touches, the whole process is in the skilled hands of Humbugi founder Anni Jokinen.


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