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Globe Hope

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Globe Hope


Globe Hope is a Finnish pioneer in upcycling design. Globe Hope makes clothes, bags and accessories using a wide variety of recycled and left over materials.


These are the three key values for Globe Hope. Globe Hope products are durable, innovative and surprising. Ecodesign is the new black!

From our selection you'll find Globe Hope classics, seasonal products and some limited edition items.

Designer Stories

Globe Hope - Pioneer of Upcycling Design

In Globe Hope, everything is based on aesthetics in addition to ecological and ethical values.

Upcycling and downcycling - what are they?

Upcycling and downcycling are utilized by several brands in Weeecos. But what do these terms actually mean?

What are upcycling and downcycling?

Several brands in Weecos utilize the methods of upcycling and downcycling in their products. But what do they mean?