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Kirkkokatu 1
48100 Kotka

Nordic roots, global spirit
Our textiles echo shapes from the nature and
from around the globe. We believe that handwoven
products retain a unique energy — one that
flows from our designers’ roots in Finland and the
handiwork of our artisans in India.
We take pride in continuing the long Finnish tradition
of rug designing — we have been designing unique
rugs that honor Finnish textile traditions for over three decades, wanting to create new without increasing the burden on our planet.
The Finnish rug tradition
is sustainable at its core — traditional ragrugs were
handwoven from old textiles, honouring the textile’s
lifecycle. Today, textile surplus gets gifted a
new life as our sustainable rugs.

Designer Story

Sustainable interior design by Finarte

Most of the Finarte rugs are woven from upcycled materials. In Finarte rugs, Nordic design sensibility meets the talented handiwork of Indian artisans.