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Bloom by Armi Helena

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Bloom by Armi Helena

88610 Vuokatti

I’m Armi Lappalainen, a graphic designer from Vuokatti, a small village in northern Finland. Bloom by Armi Helena is my way to create beautiful things to homes and provide one way to help others.

Bloom by Armi Helena –design posters and cards shows enchanting beauty of flowers and the power of the words. I choose beautifully textured design papers that are FSC-certified. All the products are printed in Finland with vegetable oil-based inks.

I see that design is more than aesthetics and functionality - it's also one way to help. Bloom donates 10 percent of the sales of every product to a good cause. This year, Bloom donates to Breast Cancer Association Europa Donna Finland. So every time you purchase a product here, you play a part in helping others.

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Bloom by Armi Helena posters

The posters combine Armi's passion for photography and the power of words.