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C/Guitard nº 71
08014 Barcelona

BLOI was created with the idea of offering garments with values such as ecology, fair manufacturing and local manufacture.

BLOI’s collection is made with certified ecological fabrics and sustainable processes.
The ecological fabrics we use are: organic cotton with GOTS, linen with Öko-tex Certificate or recycled materials such as recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles with Global Recyled Standad certificate.

The collection is local made, is made in Barcelona workshops. In addition, one of its workshops is a social integration project, Where women in danger of social exclusion are taught a job and given a salary, so that they can have a new opportunity.

The goal of BLOI is to facilitate access to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion as more people are better, And thus add to build a more sustainable, ecological and ethical type of consumption.



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