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Style picks

Precious jewelry from Weecos

Gold and silver jewellery maintain their beauty eternally, and in addition to this, strong values come within the Weecos jewellery.

Aarrekid's transparent production

Find out what the production in Portugal looks like and who made your clothes.

Ceramics for Home

Spare some time for yourself and relax. Enjoy life with these beautiful ceramic items from Weecos.
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Kids' party and occasion wear from Weecos

Find the lovely shirts, dresses and trousers for parties for your little ones.

Greeting cards from Weecos

Whatever the occasion is, the right greeting card can be found from Weecos!
Designer Stories

MOIMOI – sustainable handmade leather bags

MOIMOI leather bags are made in a small family-owned factory on Menorca, Spain, and ready to carry all the stories of your life.
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Best Boho Style For Summer

Bohemian hippie style for summer! Take off your shoes and feel the Mother Earth underneath your toes.

Social responsibility

In order to get this stamp, the brand must have a special emphasis on social responsibility.

Ekologiska skönhetsprodukter för sommaren

Högklassig naturkosmetik av rena råvaror.
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Occasion Wear the Sustainable Way

Time to dress up for the summer's festive occasions.

Ida's favorites from Weecos

In Ida's wardrobe, there is a lot of black, powder pink and graphic prints. Which Weecos products Ida chose as her favorites?

SALE Spring Favorites

Hand picked fashion and jewelry favorites in SALE.

Sustainable bags and clutches

No need to search for the perfect handbag any more – it's right here!