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Weecos For Pride

Support the LGBTI rights and Seta with us.
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Weecos for Pride is our newest permanent sustainability stamp, which promotes equality. From every Weecos for Pride product sold, Weecos donates 1€ and the brand donates at least 10 % to Seta, the human rights NGO, which stands for LGBTI Rights in Finland. The specific donation percentage can be seen in the product text.

So why do we want to support Seta and the LGBTI rights continuously? Because equality can never be taken for granted, and Seta aims for a society of equality and individual welfare that includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe that we all are equal and have the right to be seen and heard the way we are and to love.

Weecos has previously supported LGBTI rights by being the official partner of Helsinki Pride in 2017 and in 2018. The Weecos for Pride -stamp is an opportunity for us and the design brands to support the extremely crucial human rights work of Seta continuously.



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