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Vegan means non-animal origin. Vegan products are plant-origin textiles or synthetically produced materials. Typical vegan materials include cotton, hemp, linen, lyocell, cork, synthetic materials and leather imitations, like vegan paper leather or pineapple leather Pinatex.

Materials and actions, which do not relate to animals in any way are prefered in the vegan lifestyle. In clothing this means, for instance, wrapping yourself in a thick cotton cardigan or dressing up in a silky-like lyocell shirt, linen jacket, hemp scarf and shoes of fabric or artificial leather. A vegan bag can be, for instance, a bag made of cork or a backpack made of old seatbelts. Vegan products do not include silk, fur, wool, leather or feathers. In cosmetics, the vegan symbol means that no raw materials of animal origin, such as honey, ceratin or beeswax, are used.

The vegan-stamp is one of the sustainability stamps in Weecos. With the vegan-stamp, we want to provide low-emission products, which are made completely without ingredients of animal origin so that you don't have to find out the ethical treatment of animals yourself. In Weecos, you can filter every product category to show only vegan items.


Welcome to Weecos and value-based shopping! Read more about Weecos’ Sustainability Stamps here.

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