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Unique home décor for plant-lovers by TillaPallo

Air plant terrariums are a tribute to air plants, which are super easy to take care of!
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TillaPallo air plant terrariums contain exciting air plants and hand-picked decoration materials from the Finnish and Scandinavian nature. Air plants are extremely easy to take care as they do not need soil to grow and misting only once in a week is enough. TillaPallo comes from Turku, Finland. The air plants are grown in the founders, Eszter and Patrik, greenhouse and they also design the glass orbs, which are then blown locally Lasi-Kostamo, a traditional glassblower family's manufacture.

'tillapallo' is a tribute to air plants and also to the Finnish language: Tilla comes from Tillandsia, the Latin name of air plants, and pallo means orb in Finnish.

The idea of TillaPallo came during a trip to California several years ago, where Patrik was attending an annual science conference. Wondering the streets of San Diego and the SF Bay Area, he got excited by some special flower and design shops offering unusual plants for home decoration, thriving without soil.

These plants were Tillandsia, also known as air plants, and they looked really cool. However, getting specific information about each species was hard and air plant kits offered in the local shops often lacked content.
During the flight back to Finland, Patrik realized that these plants, and plants inside a preferably handmade ornament would be a really good fit to contemporary Nordic design while being a curiosity for plant lovers.

Picture by Maarit Vaahteranoksa.

Eszter met Patrik in the summer of 2015. Soon she moved to Finland, ready to start a new chapter in her life while Patrik kept going with his biological studies in Finland. As Eszter and Patrik both love design items and organic materials conceptualized as interior decoration, Patrik came up again with the idea of creating air plant terrariums in Finland – and the discussions about a potential business started pretty much immediately.

Eszter was amazed by the world of Tillandsia air plants and the fact that home decoration items and handmade products are so welcomed in Finland.

After many months of searching, in 2016 Eszter and Patrik met family-run glass manufacture, Lasi-Kostamo near Turku, who were able to produce handblown glass orb terrariums with traditional methods for them. Besides being fully local, the quality of the glass was improved as well. Finally in 2017, TillaPallo was founded.

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