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Timeless yet bold style

Isabella's wardrobe consists of pieces she can easily mix and match, and also travel anywhere. See Isabella's Weecos favourites!
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In this article Isabella Presnal, Finnish-American fine arts student and videographer presents her style philosophy and favorite products from Weecos. Learn more about Isabella's timeless style.

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“I don’t really follow trends, I have my own timeless style that consists of pieces I can easily mix and match, and also travel anywhere. Some of my staples are denim jackets, jumpsuits, colourful shoes, and hats. I shop a lot of second hand for ecological reasons, but also because I can find unique pieces. It is really important for me to know where and how the clothes were made, and I try to make responsible choices. I’ve started adding more Finnish and sustainable brands to my wardrobe. I’m so glad I found Weecos.

I like bold statement pieces that I can pair with more neutral clothes. For example, I really like pairing the People Tree V&A Yasmin pants with a simple t-shirt, or the colourful yellow Papu Giant sweatshirt with Aarrekid's simple black culottes.”

Isabella Presnal is Finnish-American fine arts student and videographer. She has been doing commercial video work for a few years now, and is one of the owners of Presnal5 marketing agency. She has lived in multiple countries, and moved to Finland from Canada two years ago.


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