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Timeless and beautiful linen

Linen is a breathable material that absorbs moisture well and dries quickly.
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Linen is a perfect choice for year-round use as it is naturally thermos-regulating meaning that it keeps you cool on hot weather and warms up on chilly weather. The material is breathable, anti-static, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. In addition to clothes, linen is favoured in bed linen and towels since it absorbs moisture and dries fast. The natural fiber is very strong and does not dirt easily due to its smooth surface. Wrinkles are natural to linen as the fiber is strong and has low elasticity. Due to these good qualities, linen's use in clothing and home textiles has increased recently.

Linen is also used widely in the clothes, bedding and textiles of the brands in Weecos.  NOUKI's dresses are from beautiful drapey linen that has a subtle herringbone pattern. The weft and warp yarns in the fabric are different in colour, which gives the linen dress a lively look. The bathrobe by Vera-Vera is 100 % Lithuanian linen, and the brand has also a wide selection of linen towels and bedlinen available.


Producing linen has been seen as an ecological option as the us of fertilizers, irrigation or pesticides is very low. After the flax is harvested and dried, it goes through a soaking process, which softens the fiber. Flax is a centuries old fiber and grows best in humid and mild climate but also prospers in rugged soil, and therefore, cultivation is also possible in Finland and Sweden. 

People Tree has several organic linen shirts in its collection. The classical white shirt by Iluut has 63 % of linen from Normandy, France. The shirts are sewn in Tartu, Estonia.

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