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Sustainable gifts for kids

Are you heading to a birthday party and need a gift for the birthday kid? We chose some of our favourites for the tiniest – just to make shopping easier for you.
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Finding gifts for children can be tricky. It's not easy to make good decisions or to even know what to think of when shopping for the little ones. Children’s clothing should be easy to wear and suitable for spontaneous adventures. Toys must be safe and harmless for both the child and our environment. And not to mention the expectations of good-looking design, long-lasting quality and ethical production of the children’s wear.

Weecos offers a wide range of sustainable produced children’s clothing and accessories. We want to change consumers' attitude towards conscious consumption so that purchasing decisions would be made considering other people and our planet. Before entering the marketplace, all Weecos brands are evaluated out of their economic, social and environmental impact including material choices, manufacturing processes, packaging and recycling possibilities. Most of the brands prefer organic cotton in the children’s clothing and supplies, such as bedding textiles. In general, all apparel for kids is made in Europe.

To make ethical online shopping even easier for you right now, we chose some lovable clothes, accessories and toys to give as a sustainable gift. The unique spoon for a new baby by Beloved by Brunou can be customized with your own text. Poopua's and Mylo's teethers are a perfect gift for the tiny ones!

Hicca's wooden toy car is a classic gift, and the organic cotton bed linen by Tiny Tinges last for decades.

As a bellwether, Weecos wanted to make value-based filtering for conscious online shoppers easier. Therefore, all products can be categorized through our sustainability stamps such as local production, handmade, vegan and made of organic or natural materials. Every product must meet the criteria of a minimum of two stamps.

The stamps are visible on the product pages and you can filter your category view based on the stamps you like. This is a unique performance in online shopping and makes it easy for any visitor to make sustainable shopping decisions.



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