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Sustainability as a design philosophy

These are the sustainable furniture and home decor choices Oi Mutsi Mutsi Blogger Elsa Heiko made for her new home.
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When Elsa Heiko moved to a new apartment last year, she was confused. Elsa, who writes the popular Oi Mutsi Mutsi Blog, realized that her home was full of stuff she didn't want to keep anymore. "Outdated" furniture was difficult to recycle because she didn't want to just ditch them to recycling centers.

While recycling the stuff she didn't want to keep, she made a promise. In the future, she would only purchase furniture that will be easy to recycle or resale. This means products from Finnish brands, preferably made from natural materials.

Almost all the goods that Elsa took to her new home, were sustainable in some way. Either they were decades old but still functioning furniture, products from high-quality Finnish brands, textiles made of natural materials, or items that had retained their resale value.

See below which products from the selection of Weecos ended up to Elsa's new home!

Inside of Tillapallo's air plant terrarium, there are white stones from the shores of the Baltic Sea and some green moss from the Finnish forests. On top of the stones and moss, lie two air plants, Tillandsia ionantha and Tillandsia brachycaulos.

Air plants get everything they need from the air, and the purpose of their roots is just to attach the plant to the base. For proper care, mist the plants with water-nutrient spray few times a week. Tillapallo's air plant terrariums are hand-made in Finland and each of them is a unique piece.

Learn more about Tillapallo

The simple Filly floor lamp combines wood, aluminum and concrete. The lamp fits nicely in almost any space, and adds a modern edge to the interior.

Himmee lighting brand was founded in 2014 by a designer Timo Niskanen. The design language of the collections is discreet and suits modern homes perfectly. The lamps are designed and manufactured in Helsinki.

Learn more about Himmee

Vanamo Deco's Kuura Pillowcases are beautiful and timeless. The fabric is woven at a family run weaving mill in Espoo and the sewing takes place at Vanamo Deco's workroom in Turku. Vanamo Deco fabrics are made of GOTS certified organic cotton, high-quality Italian linen and soft Finnslambs wool. The Scandinavian patterns and colors are easy to combine with both modern and traditional styles.

The gorgeous photos of the story are taken by Maarit Vaahteranoksa.


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