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Social responsibility

In order to get this stamp, the brand must have a special emphasis on social responsibility.
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The rights and welfare of people and animals in the long supply chain's various phases are emphasized in social responsibility. For instance, safe working conditions, decent salaries and the right to join trade unions are issues of social responsibility in addition to the transparency and certificates related to ethics such as Fairtrade.

In order to get the social responsibility stamp in Weecos, the brand has a special emphasis on social responsibility in some way. The brand can be a social enterprise or support some kind of development co-operation or a specific non- governmental organization. The brand can also support a specific target with a continuous donation, for example, the education of women and children in developing countries or the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Finarte has worked with the same partners for over 25 years in India and supports the local community in many ways. Kaiko Clothing donates 7 % of the profit of all sold clothing to educate women and children in developing countries.

Kätkö Koru is the first, and, at the moment, the only one to hold the license for manufacturing and selling jewellery made of gold certified by Fairtrade in Finland.

Guardian of the Baltic Sea is a charity line of jewellery designed by Kehrä Interior. From every piece purchased a donation of 20 to 40 euros goes straight to BSAG the Baltic Sea Action Group, a charity foundation that protects the Baltic Sea.

The pioneer of ethical fashion, People Tree, is one of the first fashion companies to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label.

Weecos offers, among the first ones in the world, the possibility to filter products according to your values. Get to know more of the criteria of our sustainability stamps.

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Made in Finland

There are numerous interesting domestic brands in Weecos and they are easy to find with the Made in Finland sustainability stamp.


Find vegan clothes, bags and cosmetics with the help of our vegan stamp.

History of LGBTI rights in Finland

Homosexual acts were decriminalized in 1971 in Finland, but an incitement article was added to the bill that marginalized LGBTI people in media and society. The article was not removed until the year 1999.