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Precious jewelry from Weecos

Gold and silver jewellery maintain their beauty eternally, and in addition to this, strong values come within the Weecos jewellery.
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Jewellery made from gold and silver maintain their beauty forever and often, therefore, are given from generation to another. The gold and silver jewellery are not only beautiful but also carry strong ecological and ethical values within. The wide range of earrings, necklaces, rings bracelets, cufflinks and tie pins are made from recycled silver, Fairtrade gold, old silver spoons and Finnish coins.

The jewellery in KARINA's Edge-collection has hammered details, which makes each piece unique. The Pallo-earrings by Kätkö koru are made from Fairtrade gold, which guarantees, among other things, fair wages and better working conditions. Many memories and feelings often relate to jewellery. The silver necklace by LIIA is definitely unique as a message of your own can be written on it.

From Weecos, you'll find sustainable and handmade gold and silver jewellery to everyday use or as the most beautiful bling of the parties.

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