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Plastic is a hot topic. What’s plastic good for and how to avoid unnecessary plastic? Read about plastic free shopping at Weecos!
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Plastic is tricky, it can be found in surprising places, like clothes, cosmetics – even home décor paints. Polyester, acryl, nylon and elastane are common materials in clothing and, unfortunately, they are all plastic materials based on synthetic polymers. Polymer based materials can be very durable and are therefore useful in different industries, but consumer goods often work good without plastics. If you wish to shop plastic free, you’ve come right to the right address! On Weecos’ marketplace you can filter your product view to show only plastic free products. These items do not include elastane blends, acrylic coating, and not even plastic buttons. Plastic free cosmetic products do not include silicone or micro plastics.


Plastic free products on Weecos include wooden home décor, plastic free toys and clothes made of fabrics that are 100 % linen, organic cotton or hemp. For many shoppers plastic is banned due to environmental reasons. Blended fabrics and mixed materials are hard to recycle and often end up being disposed. Avoiding plastics goes well with the zero waste lifestyle, and many items on Weecos are also manufactured with zero waste production methods.

We want to make plastic free shopping easy for you with the No-Plastic stamp. Filter your shopping view with the No-Plastic stamp and you’ll find only items that are surely plastic free. For this we have only one exception: Because a garment should stay in use as long as possible, we do accept durable polyester yarns in all our clothes.

Welcome to Weecos and value-based shopping! Read more about Weecos’ Sustainability Stamps here.

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