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Natural materials in Weecos

This stamp is useful for all who are looking for natural materials in Weecos. Natural materials are breathable and feel nice against the skin.
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Natural materials can be divided into materials of soil, plant and animal origin. Plant-based materials are, for example, wood and straw, and plant-based fibers include cotton, linen and nettle. Soil-based materials include stone, sand and clay, and animal-based materials include leather, bone, fur, feather, down and wool.

You can get to know natural materials and fibers in detail in our material guide.

Vera-Vera's beddings are made from 100% European Oeko-Tex100 certified stonewashed linen. All products are designed and made in Finland.

Plant-based fibers are made from different parts of the plant, such as stems and leaves. Also, artificial fibers can be made from natural raw materials, such as wood pulp and bamboo. However, due to the industrial chemical process wood pulp and bamboo face, they are not considered as artificial fibers.

The plant-based fibers are divided into fibers of trunk, seed, leaf and fruit. Also, different trees, jute and cotton-grass are plant-based fibers . Animal-based fibers include wool, alpaca, angora, mohair and silk.

The cute bunny backpack by KUI Design is made from cotton. Klaus Haapaniemi Giants' garments and their imaginative prints are from organic cotton.

Synthetic sewing yarns guarantee long-lasting seams and details in garments, so they are approved under this stamp. The product may have zippers, buttons or rubber bands, which are necessary for the product's usability. Also, surgical/jewellery steel is accepted. No elastane is accepted under this stamp.


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