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Natural cosmetics in Weecos

Get to know blogger Laura Lokola's style and her Weecos cosmetics' favorites.
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Laura Loukola is an illustrator and graphic designer from Helsinki who shares her passion for cosmetics on Laura Loukola Beauty Blog. She loves early mornings, kittens and a damn fine cup of coffee.



"I struggled with adult acne for several years, which peaked my interest in cosmetic ingredients. I admit I’m pretty nerdy and get easily curious to learn more. In Finland most of us already pay attention to what’s in our food, so why not in cosmetics? Studying INCI lists and effects of ingredients came naturally to me. Thanks to my profession I already was already checking package designs, copywriting and marketing promises of lotion and potions, so suddenly I had tons of ideas for blog posts. I also wanted an easy way to share information and inspiration to other beauty enthusiasts.

I love eco-beauty as the ingredients lists are easy-to-read. Many company founders are small entrepreneurs who pour their love and passion into the products. For example, the Finnish company Niki Newd creates luxury fresh cosmetics that are made-to-order. Niki New Skin Velvet is one of the most indulgent facial oils you can find on the market. Globe Hope Cosmetics by Mia Höytö is a wallet-friendly line for sensitive skins and everyday use – and their products are manufactured in my home town, Helsinki! My favorite product is SÄIHKE Softening Toner; it lathers to a gentle foam you can press into the skin. My latest obsession is INARI Arctic Beauty’s Midsummer Magic Water Cream, which sinks in immediately and provides deep hydration. Globe Hope’s recycled toiletry bag is a perfect sturdy pouch for my cosmetics.

Ethical and ecological clothes are equally important to me as efficient cosmetics, recycling, and vegan food. I believe daily choices have a big impact on our well-being - and skin! When I paint digitally or shoot photos at my studio I enjoy relaxed clothes. TAUKO’s bomber jacket made of recycled polyester feels like a soft, gentle hug. TAUKO design’s interesting silhouettes and graphic details are very chic; modern and timeless at the same time. Perfect for combining with a printed skirt for example.

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