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Natural cosmetics by FiiniNaturally

Handmade soaps, creams and face oils in addition to beautiful laundry vinegar.
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FiiniNaturally is a natural cosmetics brand. The range of natural cosmetics includes, for instance, different kinds of soaps, creams and face oils. In addition, the company manufactures natural care products for pets and laundry vinegar. The products are handmade in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

FiinNaturally was founded when life-long friends Essi Rintamäki and Heidi Sivula didn’t find suitable products for their sensitive skins. Soon, a cream containing honey and oat was created and inspired by this, the two started to develop other cosmetics from natural raw materials.

Find all FiiniNaturally's cosmetics, soaps and bottles of vinegar here.

The raw materials of all FiiniNaturally products have been opened transparently in product labels, and as many raw materials as possible are from Finland. The foreign oils used are certified as organic, and the palm oil used in soaps is both RSPO certified and organic certified. The cosmetics do not contain any industrial preservatives, additives, perfumes or dyes, and no products have been tested on animals.


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