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Meriam's bold & feminine style

In everyday life, Meriam favours clothes that feel comfortable in materials, colors and models. But in a party, she definitely wants something glittering! See Meriam's Weecos-favourites.
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Meriam Trabelsi is one of the faces of our Curves campaign and a founder of a body-love and activist collective Pehmee. Pehmee is made of intersectional feminism, radical self-love, body positivity, and good vibes. Pehmee challenges not only beauty and other ideals but also the current state of (Finnish) body positivity debate, which is still largely dominated by whiteness and other norms.

"I have lived my 28-year-long life without seeing people like myself represented as nothing but stereotypes, warning examples or the "before" body in weight loss campaigns. This has affected my life so that I have never been able to see myself doing nothing else but those things that fall inside this same stereotype box. Even today, I am still looking for myself in various campaigns, media, and programs. And I still can't find it, especially in Finnish fashion.

Also, we who live in bigger bodies have different needs for clothing. For some, clothing is a practical tool, for others, it is an extension of one's personality and a form of expression. For me, it has always been the latter. For a long time, however, I imagined that because of my big body I wasn't worth any nice clothing. That I couldn't buy clothes that I like before I have lost x pounds of weight x.

My style is feminine and versatile. In everyday life, I often like to use clothes that feel comfortable in materials, colors, and models. Black and white are my safety colors. When I go out, I love to wear something bold, colorful and glittering! For me, the most important accessories are earrings.”

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