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Made in Finland

There are numerous interesting domestic brands in Weecos and they are easy to find with the Made in Finland sustainability stamp.
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Are you looking for garments or home decor that is made in Finland? In Weecos, it is easy and carefree to find these items by filtering the categories with Made in Finland sustainability stamp.

This stamp is used in the products that have been manufactured in Finland. For garments, for instance, it means that they have been cut and sewn in Finland and in the case of jewellery, it means that the whole production has taken place in Finland. There are also several home decor brands and furniture manufacturers whose production happens in Finland. Find them all in our Home & Leisure page. However, it must be taken into account that the material’s country of origin, can be some other than Finland as certain raw materials, such as cotton or linen, are not grown in the North. However, knitted fabrics are made in Finland.

It is voluntary to put the made in label to products. However, it is obligatory to put the name of the manufacturer or importer of the product in textiles and clothing. Other labels for Finnish work also exist. For instance, the Association for Finnish Work can award products with the Key Flag label and Design from Finland label. In order to get the Key Flag, the domestic content of a product or service must be at least 50 %. This means that the raw materials, for instance, can come all around the world but the manufacturing happens in Finland. Design from Finland label tells that the product or service was designed in Finland. Production can be either in Finland or abroad.

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