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LuckyU’s novelties value locality and bees

LuckyU’s new collection BEE Nice is a statement to save the bees.
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The novelties by LuckyU give voice to our planet’s bees: “adopt a bee, plant flowers and buy local products. Bee nice!”

Why’s that? Because without our help, bees may soon extinct. Bees and other pollinating insects play an enormously crucial role in our ecosystems as a third of all food depends on their pollination. The deadly mix of various pesticides and chemicals, in addition to climate change, however, have put the bee populations in crisis around the world.

– This inspired me to make a statement for the bees! We must share our know-how with our kids and show that we care about the environment. We are not aware of how much we owe to these little flying insects, and I hope that being eco is not a temporary trend but a necessity, says LuckyU’s founder Dorota Jasińska.

The Busy Bee playsuit is made of certified cotton, has a cool honeycomb-print and two front pockets to hide all summer treasures.
LuckyU's fifth collection was inspired by bees, which play an enormously crucial role, among other insects, in our world as pollinators.

LuckyU’s whole production chain is in Poland and the comfortable clothes are made in small series from Oeko-Tex certified cotton. Due to local production, the team of three are able to control every stage of production according to the fair trade philosophy.

The super cute Busy Bee sweatshirt matches perfectly with Sweet home shorts. Both are made from certified cotton in Poland.

LuckyU was founded in 2016 not only from the love for the youngest ones but also as a tribute to the inner child in all of us. The BEE Nice collection is LuckyU’s fifth.

More on the role of the bees and campaign organized by Greenpeace can be read here.


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