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Klaus Haapaniemi Giants

Collection for small giants, inspired by the timelessness of play, inviting further into the world of fantasy and fairytale.
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Klaus Haapaniemi’s rich fairytale-like illustrations and earthy colour palette are rooted in the rich narratives of Nordic folklore. The unique kidswear collection is inspired by the timelessness of a child’s play and the beauty of the Finnish countryside.

Playfully entitled ‘Klaus Haapaniemi Giants’ and its collections are a celebration to childhood and encourage imagination and curiosity for the great outdoors. Each garment is constructed with a superior robust quality suitable for even the most adventurous of explorers and is completely machine washable and aims, where possible, to use only organic materials.

The casual collection consists of day dresses, t-shirts and denim for boys and girls in the warmer months. Klaus Haapaniemi has designed the collection for kids in partnership with designer Tiina Salmela. All items are made in Portugal, Italy and Estonia.


Klaus Haapaniemi Giants encourage kids to use their imagination and be curious for the great outdoors. The clothes are made in Portugal, Italy and Estonia.
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