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Kipepeo’s empowering drawings

Kipepeo Clothing makes fair clothes in East-Africa.
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The German brand Kipepeo Clothing makes t-shirts with a mission. As a socially-oriented company, they aim to empower East-African farmers and workers. One mission is to give children and youngsters a supporting childhood with the possibility to school and education.

Kipepeo makes unique clothing with one special X factor – the clothes are printed with children’s drawings. Cute monkeys and crocodiles, dancing people and the atmosphere of the Nairobi City’s traffic are some of the motives drawn by pupils during regular school lessons. Kipepeo funds primary school projects and children activities in Tanzania and Kenya. By funding the Children Center Songa Mbele Na Masomo in Nairobi, Kipepeo contributes to helping disabled children and youngsters to complete their school studies and to grow into independent members of the society. Drawings in the Kenya collection are made by these children and Kipepeo supports the Center by buying the drawings.

The entire production chain empowers East-African manufacturers and workers. Kipepeo uses only organic cotton from Tanzanian. That means fair conditions and a fair income for the cotton farmer. The cotton is spun and woven in Tanzania or Kenya, depending on the collection, where the clothes are also sewn.


Songa Mbele Na Masomo Children's Center in Kenya

Kipepeo Clothing was founded in 2008 and has been making a change ever since. They have been awarded with several social responsibility and environmental awards in Germany, such as the Make a Difference Award by the prominent Jane Goodall Institute Germany. With the designer’s own words: “Kipepeo shirts are packed with beauty and history and are the wearable proof that even a child’s pencil drawing can change the world just a little.”

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