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Kids' party and occasion wear from Weecos

Find the lovely shirts, dresses and trousers for parties for your little ones.
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Also, kids enjoy dressing up for birthdays, garden parties, weddings or graduations. Get ready for the party season with sustainable occasion wear for kids! In the summertime, fine shorts and a shirt or a light dress is a good choice to wear. In addition, a stylish bow tie or a colourful scrunchie bring the special party feeling.

The light linen dress by Isleande is perfect for parties on hot summer days, and accessorize the ponytail with a handmade birch bark bow by Tuohi Design. The leather bowtie by Suomadesign is a stylish choice for both a toddler and a teenager.

The classical party dress by Punainen Norsu is made from recycled materials and a must-have to those who love lace. Recycled cotton is used in the Polkadot dress by​​​​​​​ Reet Aus and works easily from parties to daycare.

The mint-colour shirt by​​​​​​​ Aarrekid fits all occasions for boys and girls all-year-round. The jeans by​​​​​​​ Klaus Haapaniemi Giants have a fun Owl-detail on the bottom of the leg.

We gathered dresses, shirts and trousers for you to find for parties. All kids' clothes can be found here and accessories here.

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