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Kaiko - Fashion with a Mission!

In Kaiko Clothing, the passion for ethical fashion and the mission to have an impact on the world are combined.
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Kaiko Clothing was founded at the end of 2016 when the founder Mirjam Sokka was wondering how she could combine her passion for fashion with charity. As a result, she launched her own clothing line, which offers ethically cornerstones of every wardrobe for children, women and men.

The products of the collections are made in a Finnish-owned factory in Portugal, and all fabrics are made in Portugal from GOTS certified organic cotton.

The Boho stripe culottes are a summer favourite! The comfortable semi-calf-length culottes match with Kaiko's Everyday T-Shirt or Cross Shirt.

The slogan of Kaiko Clothing is FASHION WITH A MISSION!

The Vintage leaf jumpsuit has wide culotte legs and a beautiful wrap-top. The classic Cross Shirt has a beautiful detail on the back.

Kaiko donates 7 % of all sold products to educate women and children in third world countries. In 2018, they supported Nepalian women. The area of Lalitpur was damaged badly in an earthquake in 2015. 

The team Kaiko from upper row: Ashley Von Schulman, Henna Valkama, Anna Kulhelm, Essi Pailinna-Bertell, Jenni Rantanen, Mirjam Sokka and Johanna Törmänen. Photo by Erina Salonen.

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