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Ida's favorites from Weecos

In Ida's wardrobe, there is a lot of black, powder pink and graphic prints. Which Weecos products Ida chose as her favorites?
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In this section, Weecos customers present their style philosophy in their own words. Learn more about Ida's, 30, style and favorite products from the selection of Weecos. Would you like to have your style featured in our Journal? Contact


IDA, 30

"In my wardrobe, there is a lot of black. It feels right for every situation though, so I like it. In addition to black clothes, I'm fond of pale and nude tones, such as powder pink, and occasional graphic prints. I have started to find my own style in the last couple of years, which means, for example, that I don't "mis-shop" as much as when I was younger. I have been using many of my favorites clothes regularly for years now, which in turn motivates me to buy clothes that are high-quality and long-lasting.

In the summertime, my favorite piece of clothing is a jumpsuit, although it is not always the most practical choice. During the weekend, I like to complete my style with the lovely Moimoi BOMBOM leather bag and my own wild curIs."


Scroll down to see the products Ida has chosen as her favorites! Would you like to have your style featured in our Journal? Contact


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