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I Made Your Clothes Weecos Fashion Show

#whomademyclothes is the core question during Fashion Revolution Week. In I made your Clothes Weecos fashion show answers were given into this.
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On April 24th, exactly six years ago, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed. Due to this, over 1130 people were killed and around 2500 were injured. This tragedy led to the founding of the global movement Fashion Revolution, which encourages people worldwide to ask brands #whomademyclothes. Answers to this were given in the I made your Clothes Weecos fashion show.

We wanted to show some of the makers behind the clothes sold in Weecos, in what conditions the clothes are made and how sustainability happens in the business of AarrekidIljana and KIKSMORI CollectiveNoukiPeople Tree ja TAUKO.

The fashion show was held in Oodi, Helsinki, and it was a part of the day Fashion Revolution Finland organised. Paula Malleus produced the show and responsible for MUAH and helping out the models, for instace, were the students of Stadin ammattiopisto. Our beautiful models were PäiviMeriTiiaRiinaJaminaAnnukkaSylviaSuvi and Kati.


People Tree, already founded in 1991 by Safia Minney, is one of the first fashion brands to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. People Tree is dedicated to the principles of fair trade and actively supports farmers, producers and artisans through 13 fair trade producer groups around the world.


All clothes by Aarrekid, founded in 2009, are made in Portugal in the Finnish family-owned factory Cottonhouse, and the factory employs 65 people. Ana Costa is one of the women behind Aarrekid clothes. In seven years, she has made her way from packaging to product management. Aarrekid's production orders are always sent first to Ana who then takes the lead in Portugal.


TAUKO, founded in 2008 by Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen, utilizes mainly Finnish and German rental textiles such as bed linen and table cloths. Most of TAUKO's clothes are made in Loksa, Estonia, in a small family-run sewing company. Three of the nine employees, Natalja, Svetlana and Jelena are specialized in TAUKO clothes. More on TAUKO's production can be read here.


Designers Saara Naskali and Anna Reilin founded their brand NOUKI in 2015. One of the production places of NOUKI is located in Tampere, Finland, and there their clothes are cut by Teija and sewn mostly Mariitta. When needed she gets help in sewing from Teija, Pirkko and Kristiina. Variability of work is one of the best things to Mariitta: instead of sewing hundreds of items during one day, she can sew tens of different pieces.


Mori Collective is Tytti Alapieti's and Jenni Koli's clothing brand founded in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Most of Mori Collective's pieces are sewn in Tür, Estonia, where Ena, a professional with decades of experience, is responsible for the production. Around 40 people work in the sewing company in high and light facilities. A team of 10 sews Mori Collective's clothes, and their jewellery is made in Tampere by Elina and in Helsinki by Soili.


Katja Iljana founded KIKS in 2003 and core of the brand was to utilize recycled and surplus materials. During the years, KIKS is specialized in jackets and a couple of years ago Katja founded Iljana, a clothing brand, which also emphasizes local production and surplus materials. Katja designs and sews most of the products. The KIKS jackets are cut mostly by Tiina, Janita helps in sewing and Antti in cutting some of the prints.

Read more on the brands in I made your clothes WEECOS -fashion show from Weecos Journal. Read also why Fashion Revolution is crucial for Weecos.

Photos by Weecos & Saara Naskali


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