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Holiday and Cottage Life

Find the best interior design products for summer cottages or as souvenirs.
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The holiday season is about to begin, and many are looking for summery interior design products to brighten up the cottage's look or the dining table. Nature inspired trays and kitchen towels and linen towels and bedsheets are perfect to finish the cottage style.

Many also travel during summer to visit relatives or friends at their cottages. As a guest, it's good to bring something useful gift for the cottage owners and as a gift, we suggest a cutting board or a tray. Also, new and clean kitchen textiles might be appreciated as well as ecological piece soaps or sauna textiles.



The Herb Planter Pots by Heli Rööm are handmade. Fresh herbs and salad greens can be preserved in them, and the pots are perfect for adding a touch of unique style and natural beauty to any kitchen. The half cotton Tea towel by Sagalaga Design is inspired by the precious moments of the Nordic summer days and nights.

HILE's Kapu is a coffee-lovers best friend as it helps to store coffee properly in its own package and closes coffee bag airtight. Kapu is made of Finnish birch plywood, and it's an excellent small gift to bring with.  The cutting boards by Hannasaari are made from wood – the most beautiful material in the world.

See the wide range of interior design products we have gathered for you to take to summer cottages!



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