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Greeting cards from Weecos

Whatever the occasion is, the right greeting card can be found from Weecos!
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Heading for a birthday or wedding party this summer? Or perhaps it's just time to remember your beloved ones with a beautiful postcard? Find the right cards for birthdays, weddings, christenings or just to say hello after a long time from Weecos.


Natural cosmetics in Weecos

Get to know blogger Laura Lokola's style and her Weecos cosmetics' favorites.

Copy Caroline's style - the blacker the garment, the better

Caroline's style is simple and comfortable and based on black garments. However, she gets inspired by the 00’s Matrix and the early 70's pop-rock through suburban rap glasses. See Caroline's Weecos-favourites!

Elsa's style bases on Finnish design

Elsa is happy to tell that often the clothes that she wears are made by ecological and ethical domestic brands. See Elsa's Weecos-favourites!