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Festive Colors & Bling

Solid colors, shiny metallic accessories and silver jewellery will make you dazzle in all the spring parties.
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This spring's festive fashion offers bright primary colors, glowing sherbet tones and hints of pink and nude. Combine these with shiny  metallic accessories and the most precious silver jewellery Weecos has to offer.

A combination of solid pink color and silver jewellery has that little bit of je ne sais quoi. Combine this Bu.ké Hydrangea pendant with the NOUKI HAY dress.

Suprise the party people with these sherbet tones! Mahla Clothing Jacaranda dress combined with Namu Jewellery KARU pendant will make everyone's mouth water.

75,00 €
Lille Clothing Vanessa mekko
115,00 €
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