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Elsa's style bases on Finnish design

Elsa is happy to tell that often the clothes that she wears are made by ecological and ethical domestic brands. See Elsa's Weecos-favourites!
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Influencer Elsa Heiko, the face of the Curves campaign, talks about family, nature, feminism and body positivity in her Oi mutsi mutsi blog. Elsa is a 37-year-old mother and she has learned, with the nine years of influencer experience, that change can only be achieved by being part of it yourself.

"Long have I waited for the day when I and other plus size women can dress just as we want. We don't want to compromise on clothes, instead, we want to wear clothes that both feel good and tell a story of who we are. Gorgeous, personal people need sustainably made clothes to match their style.

Fashion and style have always been important to me. My size is 48-50 and I’m often asked where I get my beautiful clothes. I'm happy to tell that often the clothes that I wear are made by ecological and ethical domestic brands. Using plus-size women in marketing is still kind of a taboo, which is why I am proudly part of Weecos’ Curves campaign.”


The Curves collection offers a wider and more diverse selection of sustainable and ethical fashion in different sizes. The collection includes almost 50 clothes from 13 Finnish design brands, and the sizes are available up to size 54. Find the whole collection here.


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