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Copy Caroline's style - the blacker the garment, the better

Caroline's style is simple and comfortable and based on black garments. However, she gets inspired by the 00’s Matrix and the early 70's pop-rock through suburban rap glasses. See Caroline's Weecos-favourites!
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Caroline Suinner is one of the faces of our Curves campaign and a founder of a body-love and activist collective Pehmee. Pehmee is made of intersectional feminism, radical self-love, body positivity, and good vibes. Pehmee challenges not only beauty and other ideals but also the current state of (Finnish) body positivity debate, which is still largely dominated by whiteness and other norms.

“Do you know the feeling when you are trying to find clothing for a specific event under a terrible pressure? You try to find something nice to wear so that even somehow the standard of wearing something in the public area is met. Not to even mention how a woman is supposed to look like in this society. Clothes are bought into wardrobes to wait that you lose weight, to remind you that you are not worth of fashion. Does it sound familiar?"

I want to create opportunities to support ecological and ethical consumption for the people outside the size char. I want to show that creative ideas and a sense of style can live beyond the frames that are set for us. I no longer want to buy too small or otherwise unethical clothes in my closet to wait for some aspect of my life to change.

I would describe my everyday style as simple and comfortable. The blacker the garment, the better. I like nice accessories and clothes that are loose-fit. Inspired by the 00’s Matrix and the early 70's pop-rock through suburban rap glasses. When I have a gig, the bigger the better. Harnesses, jewelry, and glitter complete my style."

The Curves collection offers a wider and more diverse selection of sustainable and ethical fashion in different sizes. The collection includes almost 50 clothes from 13 Finnish design brands, and the sizes are available up to size 54. Find the whole collection here.


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