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Coated in classics

Did you know that your coat is the result of decades or even centuries of development? We made a selection of our classic coats and looked deeper into the history of the garment.
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The coat is perhaps the most universal garment ever developed by man. Regardless of age, gender or body shape, anyone can wear it. This must be why dressing up in a coat is so well established in our Western culture, and it has plenty of nuanced meanings and messages attached to it. The coat is a garment that encloses its user inside its material and fabric, and in this way acts as a divider between private space and the surrounding world. There is something comforting and poetic in a garment that both protects and warms you, which might be why the coat has always inspired artists, musicians and writers. In the song by Leonard Cohen, the storyteller connects with a long lost love through a raincoat torn at the shoulder. Nikolai Gogol’s novel Overcoat describes the cataclysmic impact of a new coat on the life of a 19th-century man living in St. Petersburg.

The coat has always been a symbolic garment. The old way of soldiers wearing insignia on their uniform jackets has transformed into our modern use of pins and badges on our coats. The expression “turn one’s coat” means changing one’s own opinion or stance in the name of personal gain. Deeply rooted in our culture, the coat is also an undisputed part of our history. For centuries it has consisted of the same basic elements such as the sleeves and the bodice. Today, the design and manufacture of a coat requires basic knowledge of traditional tailoring, for example, on how to construct buttonhole pockets, slits and the collar. Certain features of the coat have remained the same for a long time and offer today’s designers a wide range of styles for reference. This is why designers regularly make variations of classic coat styles in their collections for the contemporary wardrobe.

The evolution of the coat through the years has always gone hand in hand with the technical development of clothing. The cut, materials and details have been directly influenced by society and its technical development. One thing that has brought great upheavals to the coat has been warfare. Details of garments are usually created to meet a certain need, and many details of the coat stem from humanity’s warfare. For example, the traditional epaulettes on the shoulders of the coat were initially developed so that soldiers could secure a firearm on them.

Warfare has also brought entirely new pieces of clothing to our casual wear. For example, without the air force we would hardly have the classic bomber jacket. During the First World War, technological advances had led warfare to the sky, but the pilot was still flying in a cold, uninsulated cockpit. This is why the thick bomber jacket was developed. And before the leather biker jacket became a youth culture icon in the 1950s, it too acted as an air force flight coat during the First World War. The parka coat also has its origin in the army. The popular model in today’s fashion became widespread after the Korean War, where the US Army first used the long coat especially designed for extremely cold conditions. What about the classic trench coat then? Something can be inferred from the English name of the garment. Originally made from poplin fabric, the trench coat was also introduced during the First World War. The D-links still in use in the belt of the classic coat were originally intended for carrying all things necessary, like, for example, hand grenades.

Regardless of context, coats have provided and always will provide functional use and shelter to their wearer. We’ve compiled a selection of classic coats and their variations from Weecos. We also chose three seasonal jackets that all have their roots in the tradition of the coat. If you are looking for a responsibly made coat for spring days that will suitably protect you from both cool air and warm sunshine, all of these products will prove to be good choices.


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This KIKS Acts jacket is very similar to the parka coat developed by the US army. It has the same tail and hood as well as ribs on the sleeve ends and spacious pockets. Suitable for outdoors, biking and urban life.

This TAUKO Crane trench coat is a beautiful edit of the classic. The asymmetrical back yoke and big patch pockets bring an edgy flair to the garment. Perfect for sunny spring days.

WWOOLLFF's handpainted leather jacket is loyal to the classic biker jacket.

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