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Clothes to Wear in Warm Weather

Here's how to dress in the summer heat and what materials keep you cool in the sun.
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Clothes have a crucial role in how to cope with the weather. One thing is clear: natural materials are breathable and comfortable to wear even when you’re feeling sweaty and sticky. The best choices in warm weather are linen, organic cotton, nettle, lyocell, silk, rami and hemp. Natural materials absorb moisture from your skin and leave you with a dry and fresh feeling. Especially linen and silk make you feel cool in hot weather and keep you warm in cold weather.


How to dress for work and office in the summer heat? Put on pair of linen trousers, loose-cut linen shirt and sandals. To keep it even more casual, put on a pair of loose-fitted organic cotton culottes and a sleeveless top or a t-shirt in organic cotton. Linen trousers and clothes get easily wrinkled, but that’s part of their charm. If you don’t feel comfortable with wrinkled trousers, you can try steaming them lightly. For an afterwork evening or on a summer party you can dress up in a hand painted nettle dress, that will keep you cool in the crowd. A flowy dress and airy skirts let your legs feel the fresh breeze and keeps you calm. Wrap yourself in a summer dress in natural linen, nettle or ramie to make an impression.

Dresses in natural plantfibers: nettle dress from Nokonen and ramie dress from FECC

And remember, all outfits start from underwear. Remember to use underwear of pure organic cotton, to ensure a soft and breathable feeling underneath it all, closest to your skin. Except for the material of the fabric, also the color of your outfit has an impact on weather you feel warm or cool. Lighter colors do better in direct sun light, as black and other dark colors absorb sun light and leave the heat on your clothes.


Have a look at Weecos’ wide range of ethically produced clothes in breathable, natural materials. Curious to know more about materials used in clothing? Read all about them in the Weecos’ Material Guide!


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