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Birch in Finnish Design

Birch is a popular material in Finnish design.
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No wonder, the black and white colored silver birch is the Finnish national tree. The outstanding coloring and beauty of this three is familiar for the most of us, even if we wouldn’t know many other trees by name. Beside the look, birch suits also well for many uses and is a popular material for interior decor and jewelry.


Wooden furniture and interior design

Finland is said to be a land of thousand lakes, and undoubtedly also a land of a thousand forests. Finnish designers know how to handle wood and make the best out of it. Wooden interior decor and furniture are found to have a positive impact on the well-being and to even have a calming effect on people. Let us introduce you to some talented designers who work with birch.

Ruoko Design makes wooden furniture and interior decor. Make a statement with a wooden skateboard shaped as a nightstand or bench, or place your drinks on wooden coasters with a natural birch bark detail. All Ruoko Design products are handmade in Finland.

Silopuu is a one-man artisan brand, that makes long-lasting chopping boards, coasters and trays of natural birch. A wooden chopping board is antibacterial and makes a hygienic surface in the kitchen. The carpenter manufactures all the Silopuu products himself, and has an admirable place to do it – his rowing boat at the lake Saimaa.

Studio Hanna Lantto combines pure birch surface with strong colors. The brightly colored Piilo-stool works both as a stool and as a storage table. As the Finnish name reveals, Piilo meaning stash, the table has a stash in it.

Brightly colored Piilo-stools by Studio Hanna Lantto.

Wooden jewelry and accessories

Many wooden jewelry is made of birch ply wood. Ply wood is made of thin wood layers that are pressed together, the result is a multiple layered and durable material. Many jewelers like the material, as it is lightweight and can be cut in very specific shapes, like the Finnish Horse earrings from Lapinkettu.

The birch tree is also known for its fascinating bark. Talented craftsmen make tools, baskets and even jewelry out of it, like the Weecos brands Tuohi Design and Viilu Jewelry. Tuohi Design bends the bark and makes unisex bow ties of it, as Viilu Jewelry highlights the beauty of the rough bark in details of their jewelry. The bark box in the header picture is the Leaf-box from Viilu Jewelry.

Many artists admire the beautiful birch tree and one of the admirers is the Finnish jewelry brand LIIA. As an ode to the Finnish national tree, Liia has promised to donate to Finnish nature conservation charity from every sold Koivu-necklace (Koivu meaning Birch).

Horse earrings of brich plywood and a silver necklace shaped like a birch.

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