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Best Boho Style For Summer

Bohemian hippie style for summer! Take off your shoes and feel the Mother Earth underneath your toes.
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Relaxing summer days, rainy beaches and hot asphalt make your feet dance and spirit light. Boho style is perfect for every moment. Choose your Hippie favorites from Weecos' collection.

Linen dresses from NOUKI keep you safe and cool in hot summer days.

Boho style is often linked to hippie culture and free life. It is a style and lifestyle where you don't have to be reasonable but instead you can combine things just as you want. Essential parts of the boho style are natural materials such as linen and nettle.

Hand painted nettle dresses from NOKONEN and turbans from HERNÉ are perfect items for the boho style.

Peace and love forever!

165,75 €
155,00 €
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