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Beloved Brunou

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Beloved Brunou


So many stories have these wonderful spoons overheard during their faithful service. They have strirred strength into tired mornings, and also experienced joy and laughter. Now they have taken a new form and are conveying your message – what would you like to say?


In our Weecos store you can enjoy season's delicacies. You can spark up your day or a party with these cake servers, sweets spoons, message knives, herb markers etc. We have lovingly hand made them using vintage cutlery.

Our products, made of vintage sterling or new silver cutlery, have been created out of treasures found from fleamarkets or auctions. Each of them has been hand made in our silversmith's shop located in our own home yard.


Made in Finland

There are numerous interesting domestic brands in Weecos and they are easy to find with the Made in Finland sustainability stamp.

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