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How Can you Open A Shop at Weecos?

Are you a sustainable design brand and looking for a place to sell your products and promote your brand? Please send us an application with a description of your brand and product as well as product images via email us

Weecos is an online marketplace with the largest assortment of sustainably produced products in the whole Nordic countries. We work with drop-ship model, meaning that the brands maintain their own shops within our marketplace. The brand also handles the orders and stock themselves.

Joining Weecos is free and we don’t charge any membership fees or monthly maintenance costs. We do charge 20% (inc. VAT) commission from each purchase on the platform. This 20 % includes all fees, except for any possible customer returns. We offer you: 

•    A brand profile and your very own shop as a part of our busy marketplace
•    Tools and support in selling and marketing your products in the marketplace
•    Possibility to add an unlimited number of products in your shop
•    Brand awareness and visibility
•    Reliable payments and support
•    Possibility to be included in the Weecos marketing campaigns



Every brand on the marketplace has been audited by a questionnaire. With the questionnaire, we ensure that all our brands conduct sustainable and ethical business activities. The questionnaire consists of questions related to the brands business model, production materials and production practices. After the auditing, we also discuss the visual content of the brand, to keep the high standards of the Weecos marketplace. 

If you think your brand would suit well on our marketplace and want to become a part of Weecos and the sustainable community, please ensure, that your brand meets the following aspects:

1. Design
Good and long-lasting design is a part of sustainability. A carefully designed and manufactured product should last long and be used for years. Good design is also unique. The designer has left his or her own marks on the article and can preferably tell a story to the consumer. This is why Weecos has high respect for unique design. As a part of our sustainability standards, we value careful design and want to ensure, that no brand is running the risk of copyright infringement.

2. Sustainability
Every Weecos brand must meet different aspects of our sustainability standards. Responsibility and sustainability are complex issues, and brands can have different focuses. Every brand doesn’t have to meet the same criteria, but they have to have an insight into all-round responsibility.

All products on our marketplace will be sorted with our responsibility stamps. Please have a look at your own brand's products, and ensure that every article can meet the standards of at least two of the following stamps:

•    VEGAN

Get to know the sustainability stamps in detail here.

Because of the sustainability standards, we condemn practices and production manners that don’t have a sustainable aspect. We reserve the right to remove products or brands, that can’t keep up the  standards that have been audited for earlier. Following cases do not belong to the Weecos assortment:

•    The main ingredients/materials of the collection are oil-based polymers. 
•    Synthetic materials (such as polyester, acrylic, polyamide) are gratuitously used in clothing or clothes consist of more than 50 % of these materials.
•    Palm oil has been used in the product. If your product includes palm oil, it must be RSPO certified.
•    Real animal fur has been used in the product. We list farmed furs and wild furs as fur.
•    Animal testing.
•    The production is made in a country that is classified as a risk country by the BSCI and the production has no certificate (SA8000).


3. Content
Weecos wants to provide a simple marketplace that is easy to use and visually inviting. We ask for high-quality images, where the focus is on the product and the picture is clear, sharp and informational. We like to promote our brands in the Weecos journal and different marketing campaigns. In that case, we use the brand's own images and contents, which is why a clear look and high image quality is crucial. Wondering if your brand's visual outcome fits well with Weecos? Get in touch with us! 

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