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Anna Ruohonen

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Anna Ruohonen

Uudenmaankatu 15
00120 Helsinki

Sustainable and ethical fashion.
Designer Anna Ruohonen's principal idea is to concentrate on the quality and to reduce the quantity; her concept is based on the idea of ecological responsibility. Her clothes are not made for just for one season, they endure time as beautiful objects.

Timeless design combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship guarantees sustainable and ethical fashion. Anna Ruohonen's ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with locally produced elegant, well-cut, high quality clothing.

Sustainable Classics

Sustainable Basics

Basic clothes are the clothes we wear every day. A simple t-shirt, pair of cozy trousers and comfortable underwear.
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Sustainable Classics

All-around skirt

Skirts appear in a wide variety of models, styles, sizes and shapes. But how to choose a classic skirt, that can be worn from day to day? And even more, how to make a sustainable choice?