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ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN stands for exclusive leather goods made out of natural leather which is vegetable tanned and which fulfills the highest quality standards of IVN, ECARF and Biokreis e.V. These seals are only given to natural leather which is approved for being completely free of any chrome. In additon to this the seals approve that the leather is a left-over from german meat production and they certify that the cattle have been raised traditionally on fields and pastures in southern Germany.

Each and every element of our bags and purses originates from long established german companies (except for some metal parts). Each handbag and purse that leaves our company is handmade, a unique piece and made to last.

Environmental, social and economic sustainability are the main pillars of our company. They inhabit the hole thinking, designing and producing process. We have the strong wish to raise awareness and make consumers more conscious about where, how and who made their clothes and leather goods. Our aim is to design and produce GOOD products on which our costumers can rely on. Only the best materials are used, 95% of them are bio- and ethically certified. Our costumers can rely on the excellent craftsmenship and on the fact that fair vages are paid. No chrome is being used along the entire leather producing chain.

We make sure that the valuable raw material natural leather is not wasted, but respected. And therefore, in the spirit of "zero waste", we make small and very small leather goods out of leftovers.

Most of our metal parts come from Italy because of the reason that in Germany there is no more industry for metal accessories for leather goods. And in Italy we found liable companies with a long tradition. One of them produces within the REACH compliances.


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